Monday, December 10, 2012

be our guest, please :)

Welcome to our most functional, least decorated room. This room serves so many purposes. Number one, Blake's study. Number two, guest bedroom. Number three, my "closet" and number four, storage room. I almost forget, a laundry room too. Phew! I feel tired just writing that all out.

This room is off our hallway directly to the right. Those windows face the backyard, which I love. Right now, I can open the blinds and see all of the fallen leaves and the trees changing colors, it's quite beautiful. (and, this morning, a bit of snow! how fun!)
Here is Blake's office. It's close quarters around here. There's just enough room to scoot the chair back and climb on in.
Yes, that's a periodic table. And, the bookcase Blake built.
As you stand in the doorway and pivot slightly to your right, you find yourself in the guest bedroom, welcome! Stay a while..
I love this iron bed. It's been in my family forever.

One more tiny pivot right and you're in my closet! Now that I see this in a picture, it's very lack luster indeed. This tiny old house has two tiny closets, so Blake has the one in the master, and I have this one. Man, I miss that huge walk-in closet from our apartment.
I feel like I'm to the point where I don't want to do anything more in this house. I thought paint would help, but turns out, the landlord doesn't want us painting anything.. womp womp.
We still have a year and a half left in this house, but then again, it's only a year and half! So, this room, and it's paint colors will just have to do! :)

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