Wednesday, December 19, 2012

DIY office christmas gifts

This year I needed something co-ed, easy, wallet-friendly, and somewhat personal.
Chalkboard painted office plants.

I bought two 6-packs of these mini clay pots from Hobby Lobby ($3.99/pack), a can of chalkboard spray paint from Lowes ($5.98 Valspar - my new favorite), pack of chalk from Target ($5.00), and a couple indoor plants from Lowes ($4.98/plant).

- First, I laid out my pots on an old sheet in the garage, applied 2 layers of chalkboard spray paint, and let dry.

- Second, I repotted the plants, taking one indoor plant and dividing it among 3 of these mini clay pots. So 3 plants from Lowes makes 9 gifts, then I bought two extra succulents for the odd number of presents I was giving.

- Third, with some twine I already had I tied a piece of chalk to each pot. Be gentle with this step, I broke a few pieces in my attempts.

- Fourth, add a little design, I did initials on some and Christmas cheer on others!

Total for my office Christmas gifts - $37.90. For 11 gifts, I think that's $3.45/gift. Not too shabby.
I already have requests and orders for more, from other work folk! That's a good sign, I think!

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