Wednesday, December 5, 2012

the gallery wall

I am a sucker for a gallery wall. All of the things you love get to be so beautifully displayed on the wall. It's art in itself I think. I knew when we first moved in that I wanted to keep all of my frames and things together in one place. Just one spot where there are no rules, and anything goes. Our hallway is sort of like it's own little room, so it seemed perfect. 
Here it is at move in.

I found an inspiration photo from none other than Pinterest.
I was drawn to how unexpected the color photos felt. By expected I guess I mean a wall of perfectly placed white Ikea Ribba frames filled with black and white photographs (which I still find classic and undeniably pretty, for the record).
Without further delay, our gallery wall...

The left side. 
An engagement photo, wedding photo, and photo strips. 
I totally borrowed this idea from YHL. Hopefully I can fill it up with more keys from each place we live. So far, just one from our first apartment together as marrieds. :)
My favorite thing in the entire wall is this. I found it while going through a box of things from our wedding. It's just a sheet of paper with the lyrics to "how He loves" (the song I got to walk down the aisle to) with the chords marked above. 
And, here is the right side. 
"The Johnson's" sign was a wedding gift. I know probably everyone got one of these as a wedding gift, but I love ours. The geese and the beach scene are reprinted paintings done by my great aunt Louise.
Let's wrap it up....

and, that would be our hallway.

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  1. Love it!!!! Looks great and shows your personality. What a great way to display the things you love:)