Wednesday, December 19, 2012

DIY office christmas gifts

This year I needed something co-ed, easy, wallet-friendly, and somewhat personal.
Chalkboard painted office plants.

I bought two 6-packs of these mini clay pots from Hobby Lobby ($3.99/pack), a can of chalkboard spray paint from Lowes ($5.98 Valspar - my new favorite), pack of chalk from Target ($5.00), and a couple indoor plants from Lowes ($4.98/plant).

- First, I laid out my pots on an old sheet in the garage, applied 2 layers of chalkboard spray paint, and let dry.

- Second, I repotted the plants, taking one indoor plant and dividing it among 3 of these mini clay pots. So 3 plants from Lowes makes 9 gifts, then I bought two extra succulents for the odd number of presents I was giving.

- Third, with some twine I already had I tied a piece of chalk to each pot. Be gentle with this step, I broke a few pieces in my attempts.

- Fourth, add a little design, I did initials on some and Christmas cheer on others!

Total for my office Christmas gifts - $37.90. For 11 gifts, I think that's $3.45/gift. Not too shabby.
I already have requests and orders for more, from other work folk! That's a good sign, I think!

Monday, December 10, 2012

be our guest, please :)

Welcome to our most functional, least decorated room. This room serves so many purposes. Number one, Blake's study. Number two, guest bedroom. Number three, my "closet" and number four, storage room. I almost forget, a laundry room too. Phew! I feel tired just writing that all out.

This room is off our hallway directly to the right. Those windows face the backyard, which I love. Right now, I can open the blinds and see all of the fallen leaves and the trees changing colors, it's quite beautiful. (and, this morning, a bit of snow! how fun!)
Here is Blake's office. It's close quarters around here. There's just enough room to scoot the chair back and climb on in.
Yes, that's a periodic table. And, the bookcase Blake built.
As you stand in the doorway and pivot slightly to your right, you find yourself in the guest bedroom, welcome! Stay a while..
I love this iron bed. It's been in my family forever.

One more tiny pivot right and you're in my closet! Now that I see this in a picture, it's very lack luster indeed. This tiny old house has two tiny closets, so Blake has the one in the master, and I have this one. Man, I miss that huge walk-in closet from our apartment.
I feel like I'm to the point where I don't want to do anything more in this house. I thought paint would help, but turns out, the landlord doesn't want us painting anything.. womp womp.
We still have a year and a half left in this house, but then again, it's only a year and half! So, this room, and it's paint colors will just have to do! :)

Friday, December 7, 2012

in the neighborhood..

I've fallen pretty hard for our little neighborhood. Last night was the Bishop Art District's Wine Walk.
$10 gets you a glass, then your night is filled with boutique shopping while you sip different wines from each store. I had so much fun with my bff's and their hubs, though I missed my little studious husband.  We ended the night right with pies (Chai buttermilk - hello!) and warm mulled wine.

You gotta love that camera on the 3GS . I apologize.

white and natural.

White and natural, and a little mercury glass sparkle.
That was my theme this year. Here's what's going on with the dining table.
Decorating our dining table is just one of those little joys for me. No one will really get to see it, we head out for Houston for the week of Christmas. Maybe one of these days more people, besides just Blake, Dakota and me, will be able to enjoy the Christmas table. Or, the Halloween table, or Thanksgiving table.....
(more people = babies, and family)
I was most giddy about putting out our china. It stays securely in boxes in cabinets for about 49 weeks of year, so this time of year is extra fun! I love that stuff, probably more than one should love material possessions. Doesn't it fit in perfectly with my white, natural with a touch of sparkle theme?
The mercury vase and tea light holders are from West Elm, and they look a bamillion times better in real life than in this photograph. I officially spent up my gift card from last year's Christmas with this purchase, just in time for another one this year. Winky face to you... mom... who is reading this...
The candle stick holder to the left, reeeeally old Anthro, candle stick holder on the right, our "friendship candle holder" that each of us girls got from the flea market in Ft. Worth a couple years back.
Wreath on the herringbone mirror.
PS. I made those table runners with a little help from my trusty Iron-on hem tape. The ends are just folded to make a point. The fabric is white cotton with a subtle white stripe from Hobby Lobby. Easy!
Happy Christmas season!!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

the gallery wall

I am a sucker for a gallery wall. All of the things you love get to be so beautifully displayed on the wall. It's art in itself I think. I knew when we first moved in that I wanted to keep all of my frames and things together in one place. Just one spot where there are no rules, and anything goes. Our hallway is sort of like it's own little room, so it seemed perfect. 
Here it is at move in.

I found an inspiration photo from none other than Pinterest.
I was drawn to how unexpected the color photos felt. By expected I guess I mean a wall of perfectly placed white Ikea Ribba frames filled with black and white photographs (which I still find classic and undeniably pretty, for the record).
Without further delay, our gallery wall...

The left side. 
An engagement photo, wedding photo, and photo strips. 
I totally borrowed this idea from YHL. Hopefully I can fill it up with more keys from each place we live. So far, just one from our first apartment together as marrieds. :)
My favorite thing in the entire wall is this. I found it while going through a box of things from our wedding. It's just a sheet of paper with the lyrics to "how He loves" (the song I got to walk down the aisle to) with the chords marked above. 
And, here is the right side. 
"The Johnson's" sign was a wedding gift. I know probably everyone got one of these as a wedding gift, but I love ours. The geese and the beach scene are reprinted paintings done by my great aunt Louise.
Let's wrap it up....

and, that would be our hallway.