Friday, January 18, 2013

computers in quarantine, and a mirror face-lift

Some Friday afternoons your work computer comes down with a life threatening virus and you have to shut it down immediately and place it in quarantine. Some Friday afternoons your amazing boss tells you to just go home, because the world stops spinning when there's no computer at work. Some Friday afternoons you come home to a house where you recently got rid of cable, which leads me to.. some afternoons you just blog.

We have a floor length mirror in our master room that I've been dying to paint practically since we got it. We needed a large mirror, and when we found one for a great price, we just bought it disregarding the color, because I knew a little spray paint could fix anything.
I'm trying to transition the master to a more natural space. Whites, creams, wood-tones and black accents. Also... deep green.  I wanted a matte, dark finish, and I really just couldn't ignore the can of chalkboard paint already in our garage. Free money baby! So I went for it.
brassy huh?
I totally used Blake's old Aggie calendar to shield the mirror from the spray paint. I still don't know if he noticed. 
He will now - eek! 
See the right side? I originally tried to paint it with leftover sample paint and a brush, but the mirror would not grip the paint - and, I'm lazy and didn't want to figure it out - so enter spray paint.
I applied two thin coats and let it dry in between.  
 Now, I'm not totally in love with the chalkboard paint craze, though it seems to be taking over my house, a vase there, a frame here... I do, though, love that it's black, and matte. Love it a lot.  
 We're also trying out a spot for the mirror. I've wanted it here for a while now. It fits perfectly in between the entry door and the closet door. 
 It reflects the light from all our windows just beautifully.

 I couldn't resist.
I'm about to go wipe it off as soon as Blake gets home and sees it. 
I always hear Blake say 'I love you' this way... in those exact words... with the most assuring tone possible, and I like that. 

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