Monday, January 28, 2013

living for the weekends.

It's been a good one. 
I rushed home Friday from work in hopes of recreating a nice little happy hour spread for Blake and me. Chips, salsa, Jalapeño Ranch (finally got to use my food processor!) and homemade Sangria. 
Blake brought home Chilis, and it was a nice night in. These nights are kinda the best.
My favorite thing about happy hour at the house... no judgement for wearing pajamas. 
Saturday, we took Blake's new shotgun and shot it's first shot at the gun range in Irving. I think it's been about 17 years since I've shot a gun and I've never shot skeet before - it was so intimidating.
I like this one. You can see the clay splitting in the air.
picture break!
 Beside the fact that neither of us could say, "pull" (we required a countdown from the boys) I'd say that Hope and I were decent...
Blake's gun pose?
I think I shot about 50%, and I can totally feel it in my arm shoulder today...
That night we got Olivella's next to SMU - so delish.
"The Dream" pizza is my new favorite. Panchetta, tomato, jalapenos, and mozarella. I might be drooling right now thinking of it. Look at their ceiling tiles!
and, their walls!
After pizza we headed to PCPC for a Younglife Caperaum benefit concert with Shane & Shane, Bethany Dillion, and Christopher Williams. It was a sweet night, and their music is beautiful.
Sunday was a lazy day of homemade bread making, crockpot dinner making, and Grey's Anatomy watching. Also, a little bit of reading. I love these Dallas weekends.

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