Tuesday, February 24, 2009

addison is most definitely for lovers..

addison is for lovers. not the counterfeit kind of lover, but the fearless I’m-gonna-jump-on-you-and-throw-my-legs-around-your-waist-and-make-out-in-the-park lover. I mean, they’re fearless.. no shame. love it. restaurants along every street, with couples having a glass or two of that sweet red wine, couples walking their dogs, one hand leash, other hand struggling to stay connected to the other's by only a finger or two, guy waiting for his blind date with flowers on a tuesday afternoon, benches and benches and benches, room for two only, outline the park. parks are so freakin romantic.. just me?! I miss laying in that open field looking for stars, but mostly just finding planes.. sweet sigh.. 

probably one of the more romantic things that have happened to me lately.. was doing my laundry on sunday.. talking to a guy for a bit in there who had just moved in and then.. he bought me a load of laundry.. hah. sucker for the little things I guess.. 

no pictures this time.. i went searching.. next post though, get excited..

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  1. I guess Cody and I should come to Addison more often.