Monday, February 9, 2009

do not be silent..

big weekend, lots of thoughts.. haven't gotten them all straight but they just all seem to keep coming back to one another.. actually, first off, headed out to the ranch this weekend. i feel extremely old and somewhat loser-ish, but some friday nights you just wanna be in the country, with your momma and daddy.. ya know? can i just say, you've never seen a sky like this before.. ever.. i'm talkin' stars.. gajillions.. like the descendants of abraham, jk jk jk, that stuff is so cheesy.. but seriously, beautiful. my mom and i did a little "design on a dime" action to the barn, i'm so hick right now.. 



also, check what dakota found.. that would be a deer leg. that-a-girl! she makes me 
proud with each day of her life.. i'm getting carried away with the picture upload. on saturday night, julie, friend jud and i went to a benefit for falling whistles,, talked to a congolese woman who told us her story for a while, then said something that, honestly, made me feel so dumb, i'm trying to think of better words, but really, just felt ignorant. she mentioned how "philanthropy is such a trend right now." kinda looking around the room, it looked like the urban mag we get every month, all the hipsters out supporting their cause.. feeling stupid.. again. can only hope that this "love" isn't just a trend.. cause that's why we're here, right? to love one another as he has loved us? scary that this could just be a fad.. kinda just put into perspective what really matters and what's really gonna last. only hoping that what we're doing here could change generations and not fade away with the next trend.. almost done, almost done.. there's some worship song that says something like, everything i am for your kingdom's cause.. not a well developed thought, but just something i can't get outta my head. everything. everything. work. driving home from work. talking with my brother, or parents. every second of my day til i fall asleep. everything.  something i'm working on..


  1. everything i am for your kingdom cause..thats a trend i am flaky with. dont get me wrong...i try to live my life out everyday as an offering to God, but alot of times i find myself smothered in the junk in my life that EVERYTHING becomes "most everything" or "somethings" or sadly "not much at all". I want all of my days that the Lord gives me on this earth to be consumed by Him...not partially filled or intentionally inconsistant. the only way i know how to get to this point is simple...Dear God, Thank you.

  2. kate and i just got done saying that we feel like we are not "cool enough" to even throw another benefit show. i feel you bakes, i do hope and pray that the love is real. our world is in need of real, hardcore love that goes way deeper than v-necks and toms.