Thursday, February 5, 2009

let's do this thing..

watup.. as martin baker would probably put it..

i'm lauren.

i have no idea what i'm doing right now. lauren "grosse" kimmel is to blame for this completely. i know no one else will ever read this except you.. here's the thing, i don't capitalize, i don't write in complete sentences, everything ends in ".." two, not three.. and i like to space everything out.. with that, let's do an intro

i live in dallas texas, home of the 30,000 dollar millionaire.. love it.. been here six months now i guess, and i'm just now starting to settle in and learning to love it. i got that girl julie davis that helps me pay rent, jk jk jk, she is to die for.. we haven't had cable since they caught us stealing it, so it's not unusual to find us having romantic dinners with the fire place a fire, billy joel on repeat and dakota knitting in the corner..

i just got a new job monday.. academic consulting services- not for profit organization that helps first generation inner-city kids get into and graduate from ivy league schools.. can't get more rewarding than that.. i told cayce about my new job.. this was his reply..

"You've got to learn how to... rap, or play basketball, or something. You are trapped! Either do that, or sell crack - that's your only option, that's the only way I've ever seen it work! Better get to entertaining these white people, get to dancing!"-chappelle thanks cayce..

i'm a missionary in east plano. i love those girls more th
an they even know.. because #1 i'm bad at expressing my feelings and #2 i'm pretty awkward.. but they are amazing and make my mondays and thursdays worthwhile..

i'm easily inspired.. mostly by people.. i love color and expression and seeing pure joy in anything and would die without music.. 
bonnaroo line up is out!! love that place, want to get married and make babies there..

i love love. been in some great relationships, learned a whole heck of a lot about myself and how boys work.. (i still say boys, and play..) liked this one for a while, but turns out the in-between just doesn't work, trying to get over all that "i like him, i don't like him" mess.. but for the most part, doing that single girl thing now.. diggin it..

that feels like a pretty good start.. at work right now, so pictures, "the success of a blog"- lauren kimmel, will come later today probably..

here it goes, publishing post..


  1. yay yay yay! i will read it too!

    welcome to the blog world....

  2. me too! and added you to my blog friends list. the flannel is so you and it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.