Wednesday, May 6, 2009

news! news!

this is Namibia.. it's taken me a while, but finally got this pronunciation right.. thanks to Chris, a South African native (is that how you would say that?) i met in the stairwell over here at the Post. i've only ran into Chris a couple times, but duh, i'm intrigued. easily fascinated.. 

So, I've turned in my application for AIM, Africa Inland Mission. Possibly September or January, I'll be in Namibia.. the position I applied for is a teaching position and sponsor of Christian Union (kinda like younglife over here).. i'm just watching and trying to understand god's will in this application stage.. we'll see.. i'm beyond excited for this..

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  1. OHMIGOSH Lauren this is awesome!! So exciting! Definitely praying for you through this process.