Saturday, May 23, 2009

waiting on michael "drama queen" keane..

so, while in this time of waiting.. i'll blog
this is my friend cayce.. this was taken a year ago?!  someone in this horse arena (horse arena?) has got to be kidding me.. sometimes i get lost in reminiscing about last summer, it's truly one of the best summers i've had.. 

last night, headed out to southlake, to the race tracks with the horners.. what a delightful evening :) 


don't just pick the horse's name that you like.. (typical girl) you've got to check them out in person.. and blind betting.. both paid off for me.. 2 dollars, on 7 to place.. and what did it do?? 

7-placed!!! i win 80 cents.. booyah..

then 2 dollars, on 8 to win.. yes, you guessed it, NUMBER 8 WON!!!! i was on fire! we won't mention the other races, but the first and second time i've ever gambled.. WINNER BABY!

now i have  a dollar in change, that shall help me pay for parking on TUESDAY when i go back to work.. long weekend.. going to the lake.. this is the life.. :)

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