Sunday, May 31, 2009

memorial day weekend.

memorial day weekend 09 people, that's where it was.. with the three day weekend ahead of us, no where to go but the lake! had a rocky start, had to wait on michael, cause who even knows what he was doing, thrift store shopping with the hipsters in austin, partying at the yellow house? then four or five rolls around and now we're waiting on gid to get back from colorado, or a wedding.. there's no difference anymore.. either way, we got out to the lake..

and... set up the timer..
then the guys decide to start playing the game, "do everything mallory and lauren say" so here comes leg wrestling

so, we make it through saturday night.. alive.. and no one knew what the rest of the weekend had in store, the boat dies.. lake cops (mind you, only one boat on the lake with twenty-somethings on it and maybe one or two jet skis) come to check out our registration, life jackets etc.. we passed, no problem.. :/ ..michael makes us watch the wrestler over and over again.. pirates and plunder.. and we finish it off with j.t. carlos- joe t carlos (?) some AMAZING mexican food in ft worth..

timer again.. 
 yet  again.. 
 see how much fun you can have, even without a boat.. 
 we love it.. maybe a little too much, or was it just the crazy water? no one will ever know..

so we finally get the bright idea to head to walmart and buy a battery!! finally the lake.. 

I WAKEBOARDED!! be impressed..
i like this one, cause mal is riiiight behind michael.. 
the end to one of the most unexpected fun weekends ever.. 
oh i can't finish this post without including this picture.. i don't even want to set it up, i just want to leave you with this.. (i can't look at this and not die..)
 happy memorial day :)

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