Sunday, May 17, 2009

poop.. everywhere..

FRIDAY -  invested some sweet time with the people i serve with every monday and thursday night. it is good to love and be loved. gah, how much would life suck without love? i've been stretched to my ends this past year and am so grateful to have people like them right there with me. 

SATURDAY - lauren, julie and i went to EVERY possible mall and shopping center in dallas.. i really think there is something 
built into every girl that says.. shop.. just go.. be free.. spend that money you should save.. i mean honestly, i think it's therapeutic.

SUNDAY - AND HERE'S THE BIG ONE.. let me just paint the picture. We wake up.. drive over to the M-streets to begin the house hunt. bring dakota, cause if there is one thing she loves, it's car rides.. successful day, makin' calls, crossing homes off the list, getting stuff done.. when all of sudden there is this awful.. potent.. gag reflexes-engaged kinda stench coming from within the car.. (if ever you've lived with kota, you know, the gas is sometimes unbearable) not even a "sorry guys.. i'm gonna do this.. my stomach kinda hurts" just POOOOOP everywhere.. so there is poop rolling around in the back of my car, kota steppin in it and making tracks.. me and julie.. heads out of the window trying to stay alive.. i don't think i've forgiven her yet..

but gooood news.. i think we've found a house.. and it's adorable!! pics to come soon..

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