Tuesday, June 9, 2009

the drive-in

genious. the man that invented this. 

we spent Sunday night at the drive-in in Palmer, Texas.. just outside of downtown dallas. it was a good time, some tennis-baseball, little game of 5,000 that I quickly ducked out of, because my friends are a little too intense and "the hangover" which was so funny, recommend it on so many levels.. 

I sometimes think that I was born in the completely wrong decade.. so many things about the 50s and 60s just rock my world, drive-ins being one of them.. probably one of the cutest date nights I can think of, they're just so dang fun.  (there ya go guys, that one was for free)

bonnaroo - only one more work day left! the tents are being waterproofed as we speak

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  1. too intense? You didnt like getting pushed around by the other two. Just remember i wasnt in on that.