Monday, June 8, 2009

liza the homeless lady..

"For He chose us in Him before the creation of the world to be holy and blameless in His sight. In Love, he predestined us to be adopted as His sons through Christ Jesus" 

So, Chandler (matt chandler- the village church) has been talking a lot on the purpose of "missional living." In my home group, we got together and just wrote down on index cards what our mission field looks like specifically. I'll just let everyone in.. first, the attorneys in my office, I don't do well with the intellectuals. god has blessed me with my faith. I don't know much, but what i do know is the truth and that's enough for me. second, the homeless people that hang out at the bus stop next to my parking lot in downtown dallas. I pass them everyday.. twice.. they're my mission field right now. 

there is this one woman that keeps coming into my life. her name is liza. we've talked now a few times and it's always a little if-y. of course, i get a little intimidated. what can i even say to her? most of the time she just goes on mumbling as we walk to my building, but i want, so badly, to be purposeful with her, and not just another person that gives her  a few bucks for breakfast.

 so this whole time I'm thinking, what can i say to her to make her see Jesus today? going over things in my head again and again, i  give her three dollars and she, with so so much gratitude, says, "bless you, oh God bless you" before i can even say a thing. 

something is wrong there right? i mean, i should be the one telling her how much Jesus loves her and wants her as his own, but with her simple words, bless you,  my whole way of thinking is flipped inside out. geez. i'm so prideful sometimes (like something i'm gonna say, on my own without the holy spirit being there is going to change her.. psh) and i hate it.. truly.. i almost feel like we've got the whole thing wrong sometimes. ?? ..i don't know

"live a life that is completely distinctive to the rest of the world" 

maybe liza's got it all right..

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