Tuesday, June 30, 2009

people keep asking..

so which one was your favorite.. and i keep tellin' em..


top 3:


.. then gomez, wilco, animal collective and grizzly bears.. a hehe.. see i just can't do it..

the typical day.. wake up around 9-10, head to the grounds from our campsite, then.. take naps..

tv on the radio. unbelievably good.

one of the last nights.. at MGMT.. at 2-4 in the morning!!! 4 days, no showers.. still got it.. 
so, if any of you heard kate's and my story from last year, you'd remember us mentioning our tent leaking through.. completely.. us, afloat our air mattress in our tent, in the middle of the lake that seemed to had formed, while we cover ourselves from the rain seeping through with our sheets.. that were drenched.. all in all.. great camping experience.. 

so this year, we try and take all precautions against a repeat bonnaroo 08 incident, new tent, new attitude. we get back from the first night (after missing DELTA SPIRIT :( but seeing some other good shows) of pouring rain.. i mean woodstock, mud people kinda rain.. we we're all hippies that night.. to check on our new tent.. feel the sheets.. feel our pillows.. YOU'RE KIDDING ME!! yep, soaked.. so we, with our aggie intuitive and problem solving abilities, and in a matter of 3 seconds, had the air mattress in the back of my jeep.. seats down and it fit peeeerrrfecccttllly.. like it was made for it.. windows on a slight crack, summer breeze, clothes dry.. what a perfect Bonnaroo trip.. i mean really..

i'll probably put up more pictures when kate puts hers on facebook and i can steal em..

yep, back on facebook.. eh..

BONNAROO 2010.. i dream of you tonight..

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