Friday, June 5, 2009

hey boy, why you didn't call..

i'm not sure if it's just my friends.. single friends, but we have crushes.. this may sound like, duh, obvi.. eveyone does.. but, i think we may be a little extreme.. there is something fun and freeing in just having crushes. and a bunch of them at that. it's been a while for me.. but, i finally have one.. and once i have one, i find myself having about twelve. either way, he's breath-taking.

he works in my building. i like to think his name is phillip.. and, yea, i think it's okay to say we're dating now.. i mean, we've had two memorable, amazing dates down in the lobby. first one, we pass by each other in the elevator banks, and we can both feel life just stop for those few moments.. second one, so romantic, we road the escalator down into the tunnels together, just catching up on each other's pasts, presents and futures.. together.. eeee! i can't wait to see where he takes me next in 1700 pacific.

i mean, he's into me right?

..this may be the perfect example why boys think girls are nuts.. eeh, oh well.

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