Sunday, May 31, 2009

memorial day weekend.

memorial day weekend 09 people, that's where it was.. with the three day weekend ahead of us, no where to go but the lake! had a rocky start, had to wait on michael, cause who even knows what he was doing, thrift store shopping with the hipsters in austin, partying at the yellow house? then four or five rolls around and now we're waiting on gid to get back from colorado, or a wedding.. there's no difference anymore.. either way, we got out to the lake..

and... set up the timer..
then the guys decide to start playing the game, "do everything mallory and lauren say" so here comes leg wrestling

so, we make it through saturday night.. alive.. and no one knew what the rest of the weekend had in store, the boat dies.. lake cops (mind you, only one boat on the lake with twenty-somethings on it and maybe one or two jet skis) come to check out our registration, life jackets etc.. we passed, no problem.. :/ ..michael makes us watch the wrestler over and over again.. pirates and plunder.. and we finish it off with j.t. carlos- joe t carlos (?) some AMAZING mexican food in ft worth..

timer again.. 
 yet  again.. 
 see how much fun you can have, even without a boat.. 
 we love it.. maybe a little too much, or was it just the crazy water? no one will ever know..

so we finally get the bright idea to head to walmart and buy a battery!! finally the lake.. 

I WAKEBOARDED!! be impressed..
i like this one, cause mal is riiiight behind michael.. 
the end to one of the most unexpected fun weekends ever.. 
oh i can't finish this post without including this picture.. i don't even want to set it up, i just want to leave you with this.. (i can't look at this and not die..)
 happy memorial day :)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

the ROO!

follow me to meat and flowers.. (sometimes i feel like i put a lot of inside jokes in this thing, and i apologize if you feel left out.. i'm just hoping that the people who know whats going on read this and have a little laugh)

so this is my list for bonnaroo this year, yep, schedule is out.. and i like to start getting excited about things early :)

delta spirit
zac brown band

animal collective
yeah yeah yeahs
grizzly bear
tv on the radio
beastie boys

bon iver
of montreal
ben harper

citizen cope
okkervil river
snoop dog

there ya go.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

waiting on michael "drama queen" keane..

so, while in this time of waiting.. i'll blog
this is my friend cayce.. this was taken a year ago?!  someone in this horse arena (horse arena?) has got to be kidding me.. sometimes i get lost in reminiscing about last summer, it's truly one of the best summers i've had.. 

last night, headed out to southlake, to the race tracks with the horners.. what a delightful evening :) 


don't just pick the horse's name that you like.. (typical girl) you've got to check them out in person.. and blind betting.. both paid off for me.. 2 dollars, on 7 to place.. and what did it do?? 

7-placed!!! i win 80 cents.. booyah..

then 2 dollars, on 8 to win.. yes, you guessed it, NUMBER 8 WON!!!! i was on fire! we won't mention the other races, but the first and second time i've ever gambled.. WINNER BABY!

now i have  a dollar in change, that shall help me pay for parking on TUESDAY when i go back to work.. long weekend.. going to the lake.. this is the life.. :)

Friday, May 22, 2009

excuse the mess..

trying to decide on a new layout.. i should go to bed though, this should all be resolved this weekend.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

vicky, christina.. barcelona

if you haven't seen it yet.. go ahead.. enjoy

Sunday, May 17, 2009

poop.. everywhere..

FRIDAY -  invested some sweet time with the people i serve with every monday and thursday night. it is good to love and be loved. gah, how much would life suck without love? i've been stretched to my ends this past year and am so grateful to have people like them right there with me. 

SATURDAY - lauren, julie and i went to EVERY possible mall and shopping center in dallas.. i really think there is something 
built into every girl that says.. shop.. just go.. be free.. spend that money you should save.. i mean honestly, i think it's therapeutic.

SUNDAY - AND HERE'S THE BIG ONE.. let me just paint the picture. We wake up.. drive over to the M-streets to begin the house hunt. bring dakota, cause if there is one thing she loves, it's car rides.. successful day, makin' calls, crossing homes off the list, getting stuff done.. when all of sudden there is this awful.. potent.. gag reflexes-engaged kinda stench coming from within the car.. (if ever you've lived with kota, you know, the gas is sometimes unbearable) not even a "sorry guys.. i'm gonna do this.. my stomach kinda hurts" just POOOOOP everywhere.. so there is poop rolling around in the back of my car, kota steppin in it and making tracks.. me and julie.. heads out of the window trying to stay alive.. i don't think i've forgiven her yet..

but gooood news.. i think we've found a house.. and it's adorable!! pics to come soon..

Friday, May 15, 2009

this is all i have time for.. at work..

has there been a sunny weekend in April or May? I don't think so.. last night was fun, Hope and Cate are in town.. Hope had an interview in Dallas this week, crossing fingers that it works out. So last night, after an almost physical fight with a stranger over cookies, we took bottles, yes bottles, of wine and cookies to the park in Addison. Enjoyed each others company. The night was beautiful and the wine was good. This brings me to my next thing to ponder on. Is 34 too old to date? I mean, part of me is like, "whoa, when i was born you were in junior high" but who knows, maybe I should get away from the "typical" guys I tend to be attracted to.. the babies..

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

news! news!

this is Namibia.. it's taken me a while, but finally got this pronunciation right.. thanks to Chris, a South African native (is that how you would say that?) i met in the stairwell over here at the Post. i've only ran into Chris a couple times, but duh, i'm intrigued. easily fascinated.. 

So, I've turned in my application for AIM, Africa Inland Mission. Possibly September or January, I'll be in Namibia.. the position I applied for is a teaching position and sponsor of Christian Union (kinda like younglife over here).. i'm just watching and trying to understand god's will in this application stage.. we'll see.. i'm beyond excited for this..

Monday, May 4, 2009

mark 6.31

He said to them, "Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest" 

I am in need of a revival. I need some all consuming change. Do you ever feel stagnant or stale? Lately, I've been feeling on the verge of purposeless.. things (i thought were from God) started to feel like they were falling in place, but now it's  like my world's been torn in a gazillion different directions.. 

radical- b: tending or disposed to make extreme changes in existing views, habits, conditions, or institutions.

mm hm.. i want to be RADICAL, here, now..