Monday, February 28, 2011

easy easter embellishment..

ok wow.. just got lost in for a little too long looking for a synonym for decoration that starts with "e" - I've settled on embellishment, it made the most sense..

kind of an unspoken goal I made for myself for married life and future family life - I want to decorate for seasons and holidays. and since I can't afford a decadent pottery barn spread financially or spatially, I created this..

I invested in two adorable apothecary jars that I, in hopes, will use for every season - just add seasonal candy and shazam (shazam?) - it's holiday decor! Change the ribbon and candy and it instantly brings in the new holiday.. I like my friend and fellow blogger Lauren's use of pinecones here for the winter season/Christmas! maybe those will be incorporated with my jars later this year.. and when I get bored of this - the apothecary jars will look fabulous in a bathroom!

in other news - I think we found night stands for the bedroom - FINALLY! here's Pier One's online picture. I can't wait to get them ordered and get them in that room!

my mom's already voiced her concern about the two-toned - which honestly I like - but, if we do ever get tired of it or the color scheme of our bedroom changes in the future we'll just paint them - this piece has great bones and is the perfect height and width for us.. yay!

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