Monday, February 21, 2011

my flashcard project..

so, I was a little ambitious last night.. but, here are the promised pics of my flashcard project:

Again - the before:

the mess-o-cards (yes - we bought the "dr" one, we couldn't resist - it hasn't found a home yet, maybe one day it can go next to the med school diploma - do you get diploma's after med school??)

now - the after:

Kota's little haven - these weren't in the before, I accidentally framed these before I took the before shot. But, they say "bone" and "pet" and "dog" and a cute little cursive "bark" framed in cheap Target frames - dark brown to match our woods and a white - cause it was fun and distressed. Kota should have a stylish bedroom/lounge too right? (It took about 10 attempts to get her looking halfway decent - we have mulitple pictures of her ears back with her awkward hunch back - head down - eyes peeping up at the camera... she's SO awkward)

then - the Kitchen:

I just have them up with push-pins right now, I kind of liked the ease of the look, but it feels like college now to me - so the search for a hanging idea continues.. I think I may try to hand them somehow from a clothsline.. maybe? I feel like I've seen that before.. if all else fails - they will get framed.. I just don't wanna settle on that yet!

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