Sunday, February 20, 2011

a visit..

I'm winding down from a wonderful weekend with the moms. Blake's mom and my mom came up to Dallas this weekend just to hang out. It was a weekend of good family, good chats, and good eats. We took them to Kobe Steakhouse, Rafas, i heart yogurt, and Breadwinners... with one stop at Jack in the Box.

Here we find ourselves at Kobe in celebration of our 2 month wedding anniversary - green tea ice cream is so delicious..

Then, we found Dallas' Antique jackpot off of Riverfront... who knew?? a lovely surprise of about 10 or so shops lining the east and west of this gem of a road. There were some great finds, but I actually only bought these fun little guys...

They're old teacher's flashcards that helped students with reading, but I just love the look of them and how they feel a tad quirky (I think this may be a two-post night - so I can show where they live now)

talk about feeling the love - our most beautiful and caring mothers, from the bottom of their loving hearts took us on a grocery shopping free-for-all... we picked up enough chicken, steak, salmon, breads and yogurt to last us until our lease is up this summer. Somehow we managed to fit everything somewhere in our square-foot challenged apartment. A picture of the fridge post mom's weekend.. yes please..

I wish I had a picture before.. it was depressingly barren..

so there we have it.. I can fall asleep on a good weekend.. Love weekends like these where the only thing do is spend precious moments with our mommas..

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