Sunday, June 26, 2011

frio river

I have felt like a serious drifter the past couple of weeks, and with the move (job and home) coming up, I think this feeling will be with me for a couple more weeks. Stability is great. But, sometimes too, you've got to praise God for some change.

First off, a little river vacation with Blake's family. We had one great addition this year... my mom and her friends came down and rented a house nearby too! It was such a relaxing week. Life consisted of sleeping in, delicious fried meals, naps, miller lite, family, laughs, 42 tournaments, a touch of sun, one morning run and some rock painting.

(because you know how often Blake and I sit on tree swings together)

how about the story of Frio River 2011 through some random pictures found on my phone? I really need my SLR.

at Neil's - I suggest the pancakes, and for some reason - the toast - best I've ever had.. I can smell them now as I lay in bed and type.
the Frio river - just a tad too dry to float, with or without water - nothing could've stopped us from having an amazing week

a bottle of red from Aunt Martha and Uncle John's vineyard in Georgia. Love it when I'm sent home with a bottle of wine!

some sweet Texas Hill-Country Peaches brought in all the way from Fredericksburg, just an added treat.

and to top of the trip and make the 6-7 hour car ride home do-able. A stop at the, well, czech stop. West, Texas' finest. A quick fix for dessert, and breakfast for Blake and I for the rest of the week. mmm.. apricot and cream cheese.

I hope that we are able to make it to the Frio for many years to come. Such a fun time to have and get to pack it with memories year after year.

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