Thursday, May 31, 2012

a snack..

The best thing I took away from LC's bikini boot camp was this simple snack idea.

I couldn't and still cannot believe how wonderful it is on my tastebuds. I realize cream cheese and graham crackers isn't your typical "diet" food, but I do love her reasoning... It's a substitute for when you're craving something sweet (me, at all times). It's gotta be better than a whole slice of sopapilla cheesecake, or 5 to 6 two-bite brownies... right?

Blake asked me if I researched the things LC was telling me to eat.. I didn't. I trust her. I'm the reason celebs still make money doing promotions, writing books, etc. and I'm ok with that.

Grapes & Grahams - 1 Graham cracker split in half, thin layer of cream cheese, grape halves. It's the perfect combo of sweet and refreshing!

I also started bringing an apple/string cheese, and hummus/carrots for other snacks during the day. I'm feeling pretty good about this snack overhaul.

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