Wednesday, May 30, 2012

episode one

Now that American Idol is over and my AI crush totally took home the winner's title, I can now switch my attention and efforts over to Design Star, oh, and SYTYCD of course.

Sometimes I think I could do what they do, especially Hilari Younger, I mean, she's from Dallas, didn't go to school for design, she's a self-employed contractor and interior stylist. After episode one, she's kinda my favorite, mostly because she didn't go to school for this and I love her personality.
The room (Hilari and Rachel) is natural, which I love. That small TV and those tiny black shelves are really awful. Why do people still use these tiny shelves on huge wall spaces? And, why didn't the black color behind the moose head go all the way to the ceiling?

Britany and Mikel - looks like West Elm to me... but, love that lattice wall.

Danielle and Luca. Something feels off to me. Too much white? Not enough contrast in the color scheme? That art is hung weirdly high? But, for some reason - I don't hate it. If I were given this dinosaur of a room, I would have just cried and walked out... forfeit.
Bex and Kris. Too "out of the box and I know it" for me, and that's too bad, cause they're both from Texas!

and then Yuki and Stanley's creation came on the TV
and Blake and I simultaneously started making vomiting/hacking noises. Whyyyyy?? I'm pretty sure there's no way I would make it past the first cut for Design Star, but I do know to never paint one room pea green and barney purple. And NEVER make a "collage" of trash and graffiti and hang it on the wall. CMON!

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  1. You could totally be on that show! You're designs are so much better and "livable" :)