Sunday, May 6, 2012

a weekend at home.

Houston, two weekends in a row! It's tough knowing that we've spent about 16 hours just sitting in a car, and Blake's almost been through 2 oil changes, but just looking back at the photos from the weekend remind me that it's all worth it. 
Houston tex-mex. There really is nothing like it. One of the many reasons it may prove difficult for me to move out of state in a couple years. Cinco de Mayo was spent sipping margaritas and devouring cheesy enchiladas. Heaven. 
 and, the SUPER moon?? That was wild. 
 Dakota and her cousin, Molly. They like each other, which is really saying something, because poor Kota doesn't have many dog friends. It's pretty much just Molly and Duma. 

  And, sweet precious Asher. The sweetest, calmest, longest baby ever. I even got a smile from him, made my day. We heard from a couple family members that we were naturals. heh hem, Blake? 
 Blake's cousin Kelly. She had her Spring Show this weekend, and oh, it was so fun! I miss it terribly. Blake, being such a loving husband, enjoyed Kelly's spring show Friday night and then amused my mom and me as we made him watch my old Spring Show videos all night long. Yes, we watched '02, '03 and '04. Did I mention how loving my wonderful husband is?
My mom bought an old Hoosier cabinet, Blake vacuumed it out, while I supervised. Should be a nice little project, can't wait to see the end product! ...and then maybe steal it for my home?? 
Finally, to end the weekend right, I made some of these inspired from here- and they did not disappoint. I thought the recipe made too many, but then I had to stop myself...... how could one have too many reeses rice krispie things? Ya can't. We had such a fun weekend bouncing from Dallas to Friendswood to Katy and back!


  1. Y'all watched ALL the spring shows!! I'm so jealous. I bet it was hilarious.

    Oh, and the blog is lookin fab!

  2. Move to Denver so we can bakeeeee!!! Ask Kelsey about the mexican restaurant in Ft. Collins- delish.

  3. ok!!!! done. I've seriously been wanting to have a kitchenaid party, where everyone brings their mixer and we all bake something! sounds ridiculous, but so fun at the same time :)

    and, good to know there's delish mexican food out there in those mountains. VERY good to know.