Monday, February 11, 2013

Lake Texoma

warning:: you are about to see a ton of photos of Blake, Dakota, and me hanging around outside.
This past weekend, to celebrate yet another rotation ending, I tried to surprise Blake with a little camping trip. Something close to home, no stress, easy, just to get outside and away for a night.
I picked Eisenhower State Park on Lake Texoma. It was super luxurious compared to past tent camping experiences. 
Here was our weekend...
Man and his tent.
Our spot was super nice. Set back away from other sites, it felt like we were there alone... and we kinda were... February in the rain I suppose is not the most desirable time to camp. Bonus for us!
Tent went up. Shiners came out.
It drizzled for just a bit right when we got there, with that, plus the cool wind... it was time for a fire. Good thing I brought my burly outdoorsman to help.

say now, that's lookin' like a camp site.

what's camping without a little exploring...
For a dreary, cloudy day, the lake was still gorgeous. to me... I guess I'm not that hard to impress.
Blake pondering all the mysteries of life.

kinda pretty for Texas/Oklahoma, right?
 well deserved shiner after exerting all that energy. 

 Blake loves a good fire. 
Wouldn't life be just fine with an hour or two of mandatory fire sittin' every week? just me?
 husband/wife camping time!
turns into fire dancing/enchantment time? .. I might be on fire here.

 our poor princess wasn't the biggest fan of the whole idea.
she lives a sheltered life. 
dinner time!
 We watched this sucker burn down for hours... while we listened to Blake's favorite rap songs, chatted about life, what's next, and other such nonsense. 
We climbed into bed, and watched Argo on the iPad. Luxurious I tell you.
Thunderstorms hit that night, and other than Dakota being terrified out of her mind, it was cozy and sort of peaceful. and cold.

 Morning came super early. It always does when your camping, and I secretly like it. 
There are few better things than a little french press out of a jetboil in the trunk of your car.  
last photo of the weekend. 
 goodbye tent, until next time...


  1. Looks like a fun time!! I hope the princess doesn't have nightmares. Better take her out more often..You did a great job of planning a fun getaway...perfect camping weather!

  2. omg aren't you the sweetest little thing. This looks like so much fun. You even made muffins?!?! Tell Blake he has the best most thoughtful, fun, (most hottest duh!) wife ever!

  3. You did an awesome job with all that planning and sneaking around! That looks like such a sweet time!

  4. y'all are so fun and such cuties!! josh would of loved this too!!