Thursday, February 21, 2013

valentine's day

This may not be interesting to anyone, but since this is my blog and I want it to serve as a sort of online diary of sorts, here's my valentine's post. 2013.

Bear with me...

I've been wanting to try my hand at creme brulee for a while now, and after a few dropped hints, I finally got my culinary torch!! what a perfect valentine's gift, fire-maker + butane. :)
Blake picked us up my FAVORITE pizza, white pizza from Coal Vines, and after we devoured it, I started on my Pioneer Woman recipe.
It was really quite simple. (I think the name just intimated me)
PS. Those precious sky blue ramekins were a V-day gift to myself! How did I not register for those when we got married?
I also tried my luck with these dinosaur planters that I've seen all over the blogs. I not sure if anything could be more perfect for Blake.
I bought the two dinos at Dollar General, spray painted them Key-lime from Home Depot, then cut a whole in their back with a box cutter, and finally, planted a cute little succulent.
It sits on his desk as we speak, now, just to keep it alive. Fingers crossed!

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  1. So cute!! Love the dinosaurs and I love the ramekins!