Saturday, April 27, 2013

the vineyards...

Napa, I truly adore you.

 We started off at Cakebread Cellars (which ended up being our absolute favorite - the Syrah, and the Pinot Noir, so delicious) after Cakebread, we stopped by Sawyer, then off to St. Clement.

We sat down at one of the bistro tables, tasted a flight of reds and whites, and looked over rolling hills of dormant vines. I mean.... dream. 
It was time for a coffee break...
(then Blake and I were like...)

and, lunch, at Gott's Roadside.
The next winery was a drive south, so we headed down from St. Helena to Cuvaison's Carneros tasting room in South Napa. It was the most perfect setting to end the day. 

This is Napa to me. 
We grabbed dinner in downtown Napa at Norman Rose Tavern. We tried to keep the food low-key and the wine spectacular. All of the places we ate ended up being delicious any way. After dinner, we drove back to our hotel, Harvest Inn. (I don't have enough words to express how perfect this place was - recommended.)
 Apologies for the bathrobe shot, we were headed to the hot tub. Below is what you look out onto from the pool area. Pinch me. I still cannot believe we were there.

Until next time Napa, you were better than any expectation. So perfectly romantic, and relaxing. Only when I see you again, how about more than a day and half?

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