Monday, February 25, 2013

new old lamps

Here's a simple lamp switch and some day-dreaming about the future state of our bedroom.
I'm on this slow and steady process of a project that I've imposed upon myself. Project Eliminate Color.
This is where we're at on your typical day. 
The wall color kills me, but alas, unchangeable per landlord.
Mint colored lamps. I loved them the day we brought them home, and I love them to this day, just not in here anymore.

  Blake's mom gave me these new lamps a while back and they've been hiding out in the attic until now. They were brass at first, but with a little spray-paint lovin' they have a new life. A colorless life. 
 Also - someone found their white balance button on Photoshop - woo hoo! So, please excuse some of these photos, I was messing around with all the different ways to balance! I'm probably a little too exited about this. 
 So I didn't know about the old lamp shades on the new bases, but I think they need to be smaller, and whiter?  hah.
Still debating.
Also - naked duvet insert! Shield your eyes!
 I'm trying to see what it would look like with just a simple white duvet cover. 
 The shape is kinda pretty, right? A little romantic even?
 These little babies are growing a muck in our back yard. One point for free flowers!
 Here we are at the end. How about a before and after of my quick weekend project?
Here's the day-dreaming part. Squint, can you see it? White duvet, new lumbar pillow in THIS fabric, an Ikea throw at the end (I have my eye on two potential candidates) and I think we're getting somewhere! Next, maybe color eliminate that ledge.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

dallas faves :: brunch

Another, not so terribly interesting post... just to serve as some documentation for some of our favorite Dallas things... BRUNCH! at Smoke to be specific.
This has got to be our absolute favorite brunch place (I just remembered Jonathan's Oak Cliff shooooot and now, I cannot choose). It's close to the house, such a cool spot (Belmont Hotel), trivia while you wait, the best waiters, DELICIOUS foods and even better mimosas.
Blake looking a little heavy-eyed, and me with hair that probably hadn't been washed in about 4 days, a photo that's about par for the course. BUT, cheers to bottomless mimosas!
I mean cmon. Blueberry ricotta pancakes, side of bacon, and eggs benedict for the boy. This is the stuff I dream of.

valentine's day

This may not be interesting to anyone, but since this is my blog and I want it to serve as a sort of online diary of sorts, here's my valentine's post. 2013.

Bear with me...

I've been wanting to try my hand at creme brulee for a while now, and after a few dropped hints, I finally got my culinary torch!! what a perfect valentine's gift, fire-maker + butane. :)
Blake picked us up my FAVORITE pizza, white pizza from Coal Vines, and after we devoured it, I started on my Pioneer Woman recipe.
It was really quite simple. (I think the name just intimated me)
PS. Those precious sky blue ramekins were a V-day gift to myself! How did I not register for those when we got married?
I also tried my luck with these dinosaur planters that I've seen all over the blogs. I not sure if anything could be more perfect for Blake.
I bought the two dinos at Dollar General, spray painted them Key-lime from Home Depot, then cut a whole in their back with a box cutter, and finally, planted a cute little succulent.
It sits on his desk as we speak, now, just to keep it alive. Fingers crossed!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Lake Texoma

warning:: you are about to see a ton of photos of Blake, Dakota, and me hanging around outside.
This past weekend, to celebrate yet another rotation ending, I tried to surprise Blake with a little camping trip. Something close to home, no stress, easy, just to get outside and away for a night.
I picked Eisenhower State Park on Lake Texoma. It was super luxurious compared to past tent camping experiences. 
Here was our weekend...
Man and his tent.
Our spot was super nice. Set back away from other sites, it felt like we were there alone... and we kinda were... February in the rain I suppose is not the most desirable time to camp. Bonus for us!
Tent went up. Shiners came out.
It drizzled for just a bit right when we got there, with that, plus the cool wind... it was time for a fire. Good thing I brought my burly outdoorsman to help.

say now, that's lookin' like a camp site.

what's camping without a little exploring...
For a dreary, cloudy day, the lake was still gorgeous. to me... I guess I'm not that hard to impress.
Blake pondering all the mysteries of life.

kinda pretty for Texas/Oklahoma, right?
 well deserved shiner after exerting all that energy. 

 Blake loves a good fire. 
Wouldn't life be just fine with an hour or two of mandatory fire sittin' every week? just me?
 husband/wife camping time!
turns into fire dancing/enchantment time? .. I might be on fire here.

 our poor princess wasn't the biggest fan of the whole idea.
she lives a sheltered life. 
dinner time!
 We watched this sucker burn down for hours... while we listened to Blake's favorite rap songs, chatted about life, what's next, and other such nonsense. 
We climbed into bed, and watched Argo on the iPad. Luxurious I tell you.
Thunderstorms hit that night, and other than Dakota being terrified out of her mind, it was cozy and sort of peaceful. and cold.

 Morning came super early. It always does when your camping, and I secretly like it. 
There are few better things than a little french press out of a jetboil in the trunk of your car.  
last photo of the weekend. 
 goodbye tent, until next time...