Thursday, April 9, 2009

plane rides

i'm in corpus christi.. sick.. here and lubbock were the two places I vowed never to visit. but i'm here. for some reason i seem to be a magnet for the "freaker outers" on flights. the first one, a 30 year old lady on valium who did not like to fly.. she thought the wheels coming out of the bottom for landing  were gun shots.. the second an elementary age girl who thought her ears where about to explode and started crying hysterically.. really? i mean really? come on, you're like twelve.. but i'm here by the bay.. not beach i learned today.. tomorrow i beach it.. and watch sfa kick some a. 

for now.. i listen to snoop dog as i fall asleep.. yep, i drugged myself tonight, a little od on nyquil.. my parents snore and i'm in the bed right next to them.. gooooodnight blog world. 

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