Wednesday, April 8, 2009

quote of the week..

"what if the highlight of your afternoon was seeing how many peanut m&m's you can get out of the dispenser with one turn? I just set a new personal best with 13!" - michael keane.. 

so things i've learned the past 3 weeks of working downtown.. homeless men like to pee on newspaper dispensers.. get to know your security guards at the bottom of your building, they're pretty cool guys, intimidating, but cool.. but stop at friendship, it's uncomfortable to walk in and get looked up and down when wearing a skirt.. and appreciate the street corner preachers.. get used to "praise the lord" and "aaaamen" when walking past.. don't get lost in the tunnels and don't run into your boss' office in heels, you'll twist your ankle and embarrass yourself beyond belief..

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