Sunday, April 26, 2009

the weekend..

After working too long on friday.. we headed out to our friend mallory's lake house. Kicked the night off with a some wine in the hot tub.. mm.. and retired shortly after.
The morning though, began with some serious tubing. I'm pretty sure I made Clark deaf with my screaming, and I have to admit (cause I get sore from a night of throwing darts) but I feel like I just hit the gym for about twelve hours.. I could barely drive my car today. Tried wakeboarding.. mallory completely showed me up.. here's michael and jaime tubbing.. i wish i had a picture of her body flying over michael's as they hit the wake.. it was sweet.Also, learned- well no, that's a lie.. no one would help me- but we hit golf balls into the lake, trying to perfect my swing. It was more entertaining i guess to watch me struggle. 

Clark and Mallory. 
Michael Keane. walking the plank.. 
theeen. the boat died. and mallory and michael swam us ashore.. it was probably about seven miles if i had to guess.. they got a good workout.. good job guys.
jaime and i helped from the back.. duh.
 great friends, great weather, great conversation, great weekend. 

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