Sunday, April 5, 2009

that day, was the best damn day, that day

so this is kinda like my facebook now.. so now. a day in pictures.. 
we're so emo.

i always find that a little "of a revolution" can turn a beautiful day into a thank-ya-jesus for letting me live in this beautiful day. so this is what i do. i blast oar and head over to white rock lake. i know that some people, not mentioning names, are kinda missing austin.. but look around.. look at what dallas has to offer ya! it's great! :)

i love love love to be outside.. so saturday, some great friends and i packed a picnic and headed out to white rock lake. beautiful day.
that's james.. he loooves to picnic.. next we have the dogs.. of course.. dakota got to attack an old couple's old dog- total fun for her, and duma learned what a horse was.. good day.
then, we admired downtown from a far.. just yearning for monday, where we could once again get in that office and feel alive.. feel some purpose in life ya know? 
so.. what a beautiful saturday.. it's days like these that remind me i'm alive and to truly appreciate the glories of the world.. also.. how freakin' blessed i am to have amazing friends.
the end.

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