Tuesday, August 2, 2011

dining chairs: check!

After work today, I was skimming my local Dallas craigslist, with the words of Lauren Kimmel floating around in my head (stay strong - keep checking - something will find you eventually). I had been through about 4 pages, feeling discouraged.. then there she was. A post for 5 dining chairs....... 90 bucks....... say what???

And within literal seconds I'm on the phone with the nicest gal. I swang by, pick up my girl Hope, we head to East Dallas, flash some flash and take home 5 of these babies.

as follows:

and she throws in one more, completely broken and falling apart, for good measure. Maybe I can craft something up with it's remains.

I love them in white. I love their honeycomb backs. And for now, I will enjoy their rough-looking navy and white upholstery (I'm seeing a thicker, bolder pattern in these chairs' futures though). The fact that if I went to get them that night she would knock 10 bucks off just made me even more giddy. So they're home now, waiting patiently for their cousin (the farmhouse bench Blake's going to build) to arrive.

In fact, I'm signing off - going to stare at them until my eyes become too tired to stay open. Good night!

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