Saturday, August 20, 2011

a married woman's Saturday night.

aka - my adventures in Iron-on Hem tape. Tonight I accidentally made curtains for our guest room. I am really enjoying having an extra bedroom in this house of ours. I was rearranging some things in my closet and found an old set of sheets that I had previously bought, on the cheap, from Homegoods to hold me over until our wedding registry stuff flooded in. I really liked the pattern of them - but polyester just ain't ideal to sleep on. I took the flat sheet and held it up to our windows by Blake's desk, and what do ya know... perfectly long enough.

Grab my hem tape, heat up the iron and start measuring.

First, laid it out flat on our living room floor.

Second, measured the exact middle and made one cut to turn my flat sheet into 2 curtain panels.

Third, started ironing. I followed the pattern on the sheets to ensure straight hems. The sheet already had all three sides hemmed, so I finished off the 4th with my hem tape. SO FUN! I would iron-on hem tape if I could. Pillows, table runners, dakota, etc. I just love it.

For the top that goes around the drapery rod, I just loop the fabric over once, lay my hem tape down and iron away. The smaller the loop - the tighter your "pleats" will be on your curtains I've learned. Just make sure your rod will still fit (if "that's what she said" was still cool - I'd insert that riiiiight here).

The outcome. I'm very surprised that I like them so much. A sheet turned curtains - and for free! That is probably why I like them so much.

Saturday nights have drastically changed, haven't they? Wouldn't change it for anything.

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