Tuesday, August 30, 2011

table for two, or 5

appetizing, yes? good thing this was only the beginning.
The dining room is really starting to shape up. Me + Iron-on hem tap = world of possibilities. This stuff is totally addicting. I tell myself I'm going to put it away for a while, but for some reason, late at night, I hear it calling from the craft closet, and, I can't help but give in.

I finished a stand-in version of our table runner. I would really like to go ALL out with the real one, and, dare I say, try to actually sew it!! OH GOSH. big words.

Here's the table-scape as it stands today. I cannot wait to replace the all white, clean looking candles for pumpkin candles come fall. I cannot wait to dress it up for the BEST part of the year - autumn, fall, el otono, my birthday season - whatever you like. The only thing I see or smell during those few weeks are pumpkins. oh the delight.

I digress.. Table-scape.

that's a chevron table runner, don't mind if I do.. Just thought it'd be fun to play with the chevron print before I look up in 2 weeks and it's out of style.

All angles for ya..

artsy shot..

my favorite part - of the whole house - simple pleasures. Napkins from West Elm. They look so rich (yummy, not bankin') against the wood table.

a candle holder, from HomeGoods, turned vase and centerpiece.

the perfect length.

Next post shall be dedicated to the dining table itself. It needs/deserves it's own post. You just see the top here, but oh - is there more to feast the eyes upon..


  1. i have been getting sooo excited about decorating for fall!! it's my fave too

  2. I just want to eat everything pumpkin. Let's have a pumpkin party.