Thursday, August 18, 2011

salvation army finds.

Next to the new office lies a salvation army. I've never seen one like it. The furniture selection is out of this world - though I haven't purchased anything big from this location yet. There is a room in the back that is dedicated to home goods. It has a country store feel which is fun. Not your average thrift store people. A couple great finds from your typical shopping trip.

I'm trying to fill a house these days!

On one particular trip I came home with some shelf decor.

One duck.

A gorgeous silver tray. The holes in the sides did it for me. They're like little Moroccan windows... from a mosque in Spain... ah, Spain..

One pigeon.

one delightful sea-foam bowl.

I cannot remember exacts, but I'm pretty sure I spent less than 5 or 6 dollars for the whole thang.

After taking a can of white spray paint to a few objects - they came to life! I read some where that white spray paint is a designer's equivalent to botox and it couldn't be more true.

Here the salvation army finds are in there natural habitats.

Silver tray. Now on our coffee table to spruce up the ol remote holder.

close up.

We somehow temporarily inherited these quaint shelves in our kitchen and dining room. The character in this house makes me so happy. I'll post some better photos once I have them of our charming built-ins.

The duck. With a fresh coat of glossy white.

Next project for kitchen. Make cafe curtains. I have stumbled into the world of Iron-on Hem Tape. HELLLOOO. Thank you for thinking of us completely non-domestic sewing ladies. Heaven sent. Another post dedicated to this lata.

Then we have the pigeon. (all shelves in kitchen were outfitted with plants and pots from Ikea as well - they just fit so perfectly in our shelf space and look clean and easy - my kinda style!)

We seem to have acquired a safari of animals in our kitchen. Only explanation - Young House Love is totally and completely rubbing off on me. I'm starting to feel brainwashed. In a good way.

Last Salvation Army find. A family of elephants. They sit on my top shelf to oversee all dish washing now, but later, wouldn't they be cute in a nursery?? yea, ok, i'll stop. 3 more years..

I'm am 100% endorsing the Salvation Army on Inwood - go check it out Dallasans... Dallans... Dallasites?? You won't be disappointed!

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  1. Sherry from YHL would be proud! -Vanessa