Monday, September 26, 2011

Porch: Fall addition

Before I begin, we transported the flea-market found chairs that my dad re-did for us to the backyard to make room for some comfy adirondack chairs. So, our big front porch is a tad bare right now until the perfect affordable pair-o-adirondack find me. The most promising answer to date would be Garden Ridge, but I'm still holding out for Roundtop and Warrenton this weekend!!

Something got into Blake and me the other weekend. It was yard overhaul time. I de-weeded our beds, trimmed the small bushes, dug up some BIG weeds that were formerly living as "plants" and spruced up the porch. Enter reason for blog post.

Fall Porch 2011

After some riveting adventures through the aisles of both Lowes and Home Depot we ended up bringing home 2 clearance 6 dollar pots, 2 purple mums, 1 orange and 2 yellow mini mums, one barrel-inspired pot, one pumpkin, and some potting soil.

and, the DIY wreath to bring it home.

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