Tuesday, September 6, 2011

as Taza would..

our weekend in pictures, according to my i-phone (gosh, I hope that's not copy-righted..)

Off to Wimberley we go..

quick stop to pick up a hunting license for Blake. He shot us some delicious dove on one of the morning hunts..

Kyle Field puzzle. gig em.

at the beautiful marriage of two great people. It was such a sweet wedding.

a peacock bathing. how intrusive I am, photos during his shower. sorry bird!

the view from our home for the weekend. just spectacular.
what a weekend, 3 days, with one wedding, lots of old friends, some country air, some time to get out of Dallas - get out of the usual swing of things. zebras and a cold front of 85?? very much needed.

and in other news, I've come up with a challenge for myself. Decorating an office in under FIFTY bucks. At the new job, I inherited an office. It has walls, it's own thermostat, a door, and tons of empty shelves and bare bare bare white walls. I think I can successfully add a little character to this new office and come in well under $50.00 - it's on..

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