Wednesday, June 20, 2012

a closet re-born.

My mother may be a hoarder. Not TV show nomination worthy, but given a few years, eh, she could be there. Just kidding, mom. kinda :)

So, what better to do on a rainy Sunday afternoon in Houston than organize their under-the-stairwell closet? Let me tell you, not much. Post one terrifying cock roach experience, a trip to Ikea, and a few margaritas with family, we got started with project closet clean-out. 

I forgot to take a "before" picture, but let me tell you... literally, you would open the door and you couldn't see past the opening. We took everything out in loads and made piles. Piles of seasonal decor, gift wrapping accessories, and Spode (it had it's own pile there is so dang much of it).

Then loaded it back in, and here's what we got.
 2 tensions rods (walmart) for the ribbon hung above the shelf. Helpful hint - tape the edges of each loose end or else you'll have rolls upon rolls of unraveling ribbon - straight chaos. We hung the iron on the wall with an iron board holder (walmart) to the right. 
Here we have 3 hanging baskets (ikea) that just slip right onto the built in shelf, how convenient. Inside, there are boxes (ikea) full of bows, yep, just bows. On the left side of the closet wall we screwed in a magazine rack (ikea) that seems like it was made to hold my mom's collection of gift bags.  
 Ikea sponsored this whole bottom section. And, by sponsored I mean we bought it all. You can barely see it, but in the background are two white baskets. They are perfect for holding wrapping paper! thank. you. ikea. 
That long bar holds scissors, tape, more ribbon, balloons, banners, and table clothes. You know, the usual.

So, there it is. Coat closet makeover. Gee, I wish I had an entire closet that could be dedicated to crafts. A girl can dream. 


  1. I just want to go organize something now!!

  2. That was fun!! I feel so organized now. What's next??

  3. oh yeah....also..I am not a hoarder. I prefer to be called a depression grandbaby or sentimentalist. @Hopey..Spode is a wonderful Christmas China that I started collecting when Lauren was born. She does not share my fascination with niece has been put on notice to rescue it before she "donates" it when I leave this world. :)