Wednesday, June 6, 2012

episode two.

The White Room challenge.
For the most part, minus 2 or 3 rooms, I thought this episode was genius. Sure, some execution details didn't live up to what one would expect from professional designers, but it was still so inspiring to see the creativity!

My Favorite. I'm such a sucker for navy, and I'm dying to (in our next home) use more red in decorating. Love the "molding" and that wood art piece. You can't really see in this photo, but that gold chain chandelier is actually kind of beautiful.
And then, my friend, Hilari. I really like her and her ideas, but the judges weren't diggin' the room.
 It's only episode 2 - so she has some time, but, I'm totally rooting for her.
Her room turned out to be fabulousness meets Tiffanys, but I don't hate it.
Very unlike the following:
YIKES. The judges kinda loved it. I'm obviously missing something.
And then, this room....
stayed in the competition over this one....
Definitly the bottom 2 rooms, but the top room and designer should have gotten the boot, in my opinion. But, I'm sure Vern and Genevieve know what they're doing.
Can't wait for episode 3 - looks like some drama!

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