Wednesday, June 13, 2012

episode 3

They designed the Kardashian's new office in pairs. So glam. Sparkles everywhere.

Not the best, but still a fav - Hilari, and Danielle. But, mostly Hilari. I think really I just want her to have her own reality show. I want to watch her at home, in Dallas, with her kids, designing around town.
Bottom of my top 3 rooms. The kitchen.
Their light fixture was amazing. I loved the cabinetry, and the horizontal stripe wall, and ya can't go wrong with grays right now.
 Next, number 2 of the my top 3. The office. The most inspiring part of the room was probably the desk placement and the arched windows.
for some reason the judges loved the "tennis bracelet" on the wall. yuk. never.
and thennn myyy favoriteeeee! (with a little vibrato)
these folks. dream team.
 mmm.. wallpaper. Also, I'm dying over the white vases, and the flowers they chose. THE BIG WHITE DESK!!
I love this show.

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