Thursday, June 21, 2012

a letter

To my very intelligent and faithful husband,

Friday, in the early a.m., you will get to put all of the knowledge you've acquired over the past two years to test. I hear it's a long one. I hope you know I've been praying for you and your brain for quite a while now.

Just in case you maybe have forgotten, God has really equipped you well for this path. I mean, I say it all the time, but you're the smartest person I know. You have a faithful and responsible attitude towards getting things done that need to get done. You are cute and sweet and approachable. Even though you don't always answer my slightly hypocondriatic (spell check is telling me that I made that word up) concerns, I know one day you will be ever so patient and helpful with your future patients.

I've seen all of the hard work you've put towards this celebration of knowledge. I know I don't understand it as fully as I should, but to me, it still looks like a LOT of hard work. School all day, studying and preparing for the next lecture all night, Saturday things (I don't even know where you go or what you do) and the list could go on and on. But, you do it! You're such a wonderful man.

I'm so proud of all of your practice scores. You're going to be such an ethical physician. When people yell on a plane, "is there a doctor here?" I am going to be beaming with admiration when you will get to stand up and respond, "yes! I'm one!" That will be a fun day.

I will forever be your test dummy when you get a new otoscope, stethoscope, or ophthalmoscope. I will try and always be supportive (by pretending to learn 400 drug cards, or answering your practice questions as we try and fall asleep), and when I get complain-y or selfish, I'M SORRY! Please pay me no attention. You are doing an incredible job. So, good luck on Friday and I hope you get the score you want!!

I love you a whole lot,
your wife.


  1. so sweet......

  2. Behind every great man is a great woman..y'all make a perfect team! Love you both!!