Sunday, October 23, 2011

my wax drip

It started with this.
(snow white, bluegrass green, and bahama blue)

and this.
(taper candles in white, ivory and a darker neutral color)

Then it morphed into this...
I started with a blank canvas. Blended all 3 colors to make a sunset looking background.
The next step was like therapy.

Something about the monotonous act of watching each drip of wax hit the canvas was so soothing. It took about 12 (ish, I can't remember exactly how many) candles and a lot of man hours. I got through a TON of the Friday Night Lights episodes in the beginning stages of this project. Just a word of wisdom - make sure your AC is off, or that you're not directly under a vent. I had some wax-flying-off-the-canvas issues.

The final product.
It hangs in our bedroom between the door to the hallway and closet. It's a bright color, but I'm enjoying it. I tend to keep within the same navy, white, gray, with touches of mustard, so it's been fun to see a little bluegrass green mixed in.

I've started, with my random canvas art projects, to paint the sides of the canvas. I chose navy, big surprise! But, it makes it look like it's framed, and just a little more finished.

I love pretending like I'm an artist. ;)

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