Monday, October 31, 2011

a sad, sad weekend in aggieland

welp. we all know what happened this past weekend, let's just continue on with our lives, with this post, like it never even happened. Let's talk about the great weekend we spent in Aggieland followed by a toasty fire and hot chocolate.

Saturday - we left Dallas before sunrise, here she is peeking over the edge around ellis county or so.. 6 am people.
our amazing seats at Kyle Field. We got to tailgate after the "game" with some CS friends, that helped to lift the spirits a bit. Homemade tortillas and fajitas tend to do that.
"Now forming at the North end of Kyle Field...."
We made the trek home to make our first fire in the new house, oh I love it. Isn't winter just the best?
hot dark chocolate. mmm! curled up on the couch with my boo watching Scream and other such Halloween nonsense.
Now, that's what a weekend should be...

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