Monday, October 31, 2011

trick or treat!

we just shut the door and turned off the porch light...
Halloween 2011. Such a fun night!

Wonderwoman came to help pass out candy. She also started barking at everyone, loudly.. so she had to spend a bulk of the night in the back room.
Kyler, the lion, came by to fill up his homemade candy bag. He really, really liked the whoppers. Who likes whoppers? I think I saw his mom, Lauren, secretly putting his whoppers back into the candy bowl... busted!
He loves it, don't mind the face. It's his blue steel.
We got a good handful of trick-or-treaters tonight. I so badly did not want to give the kid that didn't dress up any candy, but I just couldn't be that cut throat. AT LEAST make something up kid! either way, Happy Halloween!!!

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