Monday, October 3, 2011

Warrenton, Texas

This past weekend I was introduced to a whole new level of thrifting or "junking"

Alarms going off throughout the house at 8 or 8:30, coffee brewing, sunscreen getting applied... all in preparation for the one, the only Roundtop weekend. A marathon of shopping. I can't make the decision of which is better, Roundtop or Canton. Really two completely different feels, maybe I'm just a "junker-in-training" as one vendor described me, but it felt like two separate worlds. I think Canton was merely a warm-up for me when we went back in February.

I was told that one couldn't even make it to every vendor there in Warrenton even if given a whole week. Geez. Can you imagine all the schtuff you would drag home and show to your husband with a sheepish smile, hoping, begging for approval... Just me? I'm happy to share that I totally and completely controlled myself this time around.

Had to prepare mentally for Friday and Saturday. What am I looking for? What do I need? What am I willing to dish out for this bedazzled tank with a rustic looking cross on it? Juuuust kidding, but seriously, the "fashion" out there.. the crystal encrusted cowboy boots, tutus... on grown-ups... sorry I'm not sorry..

We got there and hit the fields scavenging, tent after tent, as if on the hunt for pure and shinning gold. The whole first day went by quickly. The heat started to get to me around 3, and then it was down to Zapp Hall for some beverages, spiced saltines and some good 'ol country music.

There's not a whole lot better than sitting at picnic tables, under the Texas' stars, con cerveza, listening to a small town country band. Well, I just thought of one thing, maybe a handsome husband as a two-step partner.

First day, in lieu of being strangely terrified of purchasing anything, buyers remorse maybe (?) I came home with one piece of white coral and a small metal container.

Let's take a second to check out all the TRAFFIC at this place.
I mean, car after car for literal miles stopped on the freeway. Little did I know.

Second day rolls around and with a change of shoes (from flats to some cushy flip flops my mom let me borrow) and operation hydration beginning - we headed for out for more. My legs are yelling at me for doing so much walking in terribly unsupported shoes. By the end of that day, I had finally become comfortable in my own junk-buying skin. Good thing I had to leave that evening or else I probably would have spent out the savings account... Heck, I was on a roll.

That evening I loaded my car up with a few new additions....

a rug beater. for purpose and beauty, two of my favorite things.
an old rusty cart. There are plans to de-rust and paint, but today it sits out there au-natural holding some of my favorite fall things.close up shot of shelf and wheels. This is by far my favorite purchase, but don't tell the others.
Then, back to Dallas is was, to witness one of my best friends get baptized. It was such an amazing act on her part, to follow and be obedient in what God calls us to do. God is good in all that he does and doesn't allow. He is a good creator, loving and merciful beyond what we can understand. I'm thankful.

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  1. It looks like you found some cool items. We hit up Warrenton and Round Top this last weekend too. We shopped from 9-5:30 on Friday and 9-6:30 on Saturday. It was awesome. It was our first time there and we thought it blows Canton's doors off. Canton has too much crafty stuff. Warrenton and Round Top was the real deal stuff. Awesome! We will be back! My finds can be found here: