Monday, January 16, 2012

DIY weekend; part one

This 3-day weekend had my name written all over it. I had about 6 things on my to-do list, but only got to three. 50% not too shabby!

No. 1 being the rug in the guest room/blake's study. It was yellow and cheery since we've moved in, but something inside of me was never completely satisfied with it. Maybe because it looked almost exactly like the one under our bed? So, I took some advice from some online tutorials on how to paint a rug, flipped over my yellow one, and went at it.

Supplies: Paint medium that makes acrylic paint turn into fabric paint. 3 bottles of Anita's charcoal grey, painter's tape and a sponge brush.
First, I laid down my design - stripes. I kinda have this thing for anything striped. Then I mixed my medium and paint in an old tuperware and just started painting. super easy, kind of time consuming, but, maybe the biggest perk, the whole project cost about $5 dollars! easy easy little fix.
Here's the new and improved guest bedroom rug....

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