Monday, January 16, 2012

DIY weekend; part three

New seat cushions on our dining chairs. It's been decided that the curtains in this home need an upgrade, so, with that, I had some extra fabric on my hands. I bought this fabric a while back and still get weak in the knees when I see it. It's navy, number one, and it's a graphic herringbone pattern, number two. I didn't mind the cushions that came with them when I bought them off of craigslist, but I always knew there would be a bright new future for these chairs, some day.
From the terrible iphone pictures, it doesn't look like that big of a change, but to me, it's made such the difference (I also got to add some batting to the seats, which make them so much more enjoyable on the tush while eating dinner).
and that's the end to my DIY weekend, hopefully I can cross the last three off my list next weekend!

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