Monday, January 16, 2012

DIY weekend; part two

Over Thanksgiving weekend I received a coal scuttle from my family. To be honest, I had absolutely no idea what a coal scuttle was, but they had heard that I was into antique-y things and re-finishing pieces of furniture, so I knew this had to be good. I got it out of the back of my Aunt Annette's car and the ideas immediately starting flowing. First - what color will I paint this? Second - what can I use this for since we don't really have an immense need to scuttle coal anymore with our gas fireplaces and such.

I knew I wanted it to be near the fireplace just because it looked like it belonged there.... I knew, next to our brick fireplace that the color needed to be bright. I know white isn't the most thrilling choice out of the entire ROYGBIV, but for this project it worked and I kind of love it.
I painted it white on the outside in gloss, and coated the inside with a hammered metal paint. I'm really diggin' the contrast. With some left over potting soil from this summer, I loaded the scuttle up. I had an extra plant in the kitchen that didn't get much lovin', so I thought a transplant would work. It's so nice to admire in our living room now.

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